Many colleagues are anxious at the moment as the first round of examinations for new specififications loom in the distance, making the summer look like it’s not going to be a picnic.

The truth is, that despite the new specifications, the skills that teachers are being asked to teach have not actually changed. Still reading texts, still comprehension skills, still forensically analysing the language and structure of texts, still writing, writing, writing in all of its forms. Still talking … don’t forget that …  and its benefit in developing the rest of the skills.

Delivering Inset recently to a great department, I reminded them of that: that they didn’t really need me, they were doing this already and doing it well. That didn’t mean we didn’t have a great day working through skills and approaches and ideas and tips for the new AQA Papers 1 and 2 for English Language and blended in ideas for Literature as we went. If your department needs a boost, some time together to galvanise themselves for the rest of the year, an energiser and some reassurance, give me a call.

Jo follows several approaches to assist teachers:

  • Day long one-to-one consultancy on the Key Stage 4 English Language and English Literature curriculum for Heads of Department.
  • Interactive half-day or full-day curriculum planning or support sessions with the whole department.
  • Bespoke schemes of work.
  • Training days, INSET sessions and coaching.


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