Look what has just arrived from the printers! Am really happy with this piece of work and happier still knowing that I have saved teachers working with large numbers of resit students, many of whom are non-specialists doing a great job, hours and hours of time and taken the anxiety out of teaching the new specification.


Screen Shot 2016-10-18 at 13.28.43.png

I haven’t been twiddling my thumbs whilst I’ve been waiting for this to arrive though. My colleague Sheila McCann and I spent September writing the accompanying Teacher Guide where we not only wrote lesson plans but also sample answers for all of the Progress Tests and Mock Papers. I have to say we are proud of this work and it will be invaluable not just in FE but in secondary schools too where I know teachers find it hard to find time to search for quality source material.

November saw me writing sample answers for a number of key essays topics on the popular set text An Inspector Calls for York Notes. They are compiling an incredibly useful Practice Tests workbook to enable students to practice key questions with sample answers at Mid, Good and Very Good Levels.

It has also been mock exam marking season and so far I have helped a number of schools with marking their mock papers and feeding back as detailed a report as I can on their strengths and weaknesses to enable them to move forward to the first exam.



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